Master your craft

Get ready for the stage with Song One and easily manage large song catalogs with the best in-class chord sheet editor featuring unmatched auto-scroll capabilities, smart automation features and a powerful adaptive audio engine.


Expand your repertoire

Instantly transform plain text song sheets into transposable chord sheets with professionally formatted chord symbols and matching chord diagrams. Access Song One's virtual fretboard to discover alternative chord voicings and customize the number of strings, their tuning and optional capo positions. Quickly transpose songs with audio backing tracks to match your vocal range and freely adjust the playback speed to get in the groove with ease.

Compose with ease

Get inspired with Song One's chord matrix and auto-generate chord symbols while playing the virtual instruments. Explore harmonic fields and master chord progressions with a built-in circle of fifths. Experience a more intuitive way of working with songs thanks to Song One's unique focus mode, customizable layout themes, smart chord repositioning features and transposable tabs.


Make your mark

Import songs in ChordPro, OnSong and SongSheet Pro formats or add your content from webpages using the 'Add to Song One' action extension. Fine-tune the lyrics and metadata and add annotatable header images. Scan your sheet music and import PDFs to add highlights and annotation notes. Enjoy complete access to your entire song catalog on all of your macOS & iOS devices with automatic sync via iCloud.


Perform with confidence

Make live performances a joy with Song One's 'smart scroll' chord charts and unrivaled auto-scroll and page flip capabilities. Play back multitracks in a variety of audio formats, create custom setlists and forward your songs to bandmates via AirDrop. Stay in control with bluetooth page turners and MIDI foot pedals and use a powerful timeline to add reliable audio playback & MIDI automation.