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This page offers FAQ and update info. To get a general overview of Rhyme Genie's features please download the quick start tutorial and view the online video tutorial.

Where can I find more information about the 30 different rhyme types before buying the program?

Rhyme Genie has an interactive help section that is fully accessible in the demo mode by clicking on the 'help' button in the lower right corner of the main screen. It will explain every rhyme type in detail and will let you explore Rhyme Genie's interface.

I'm a songwriter who wants to find all the rhymes that are used in today's music. Which rhyme type gives me the best results?

Simply choose the intelligent rhyme. When the multi-syllabic option is on, you'll find perfect rhymes and corresponding near rhymes by changing the similarity in sound. To find even more suitable rhyme mates, switch the multi-syllabic option off to match only the last syllable of the search word.

Why can't I find any rhymes when the search word is a name or location even though they are shown as rhyme mates for other words?

Any word that is shown in the rhyme mate list has phonetic references and can be used as a search word. Please note, however, that the search field is case-sensitive. If you wish to find rhyme mates of a proper noun, the word entered into the search field has to be capitalized.

Why does Rhyme Genie use that much hard drive space?

Rhyme Genie has over 10 million rhyme references that are individually indexed to allow for instant data access. Without these indexes the file size would be significantly smaller but searches would take exponentially longer. The graphic interface itself is very compact with a core size of 3 MB. It is increased only slightly by another 6 MB due to over 2500 conditional relationships that filter the dictionary entries according to the selected rhyme algorithm.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to run Rhyme Genie?

No, Rhyme Genie only requires you to be connected to the internet once during the initial license request. The validation of the activation code and all other usage of the program do not require an internet connection.

Do you collect and send any private data during the license request?

The only information collected is your hard drive serial number, your NIC addresses, your computer hardware ID as well as your computer platform and name. The latter two are merely included to help identify the correct computer should you purchase more than one activation code to run the rhyming dictionary on multiple hosts.

Does the activation code ever expire?

No, there is no time limit on the activation code. You can use it to activate all subsequent updates of Rhyme Genie if they are installed on the same computer system.

  Can I change my computer name once Rhyme Genie has been activated? What if I need to upgrade my computer system?

The only thing that will render the activation code invalid is a change of your computer hardware ID and/or a change in all your NIC addresses. You can even change your hard drive or install a new operating system and your activation code will remain valid and can be used to unlock a newly installed version of Rhyme Genie.

What is an NIC address? How do I find out my NIC address?

Rhyme Genie will automatically identify your NIC address. The NIC address is a unique code embedded into your network device at the time of manufacture. It consists of a six-byte code that has more than 281 trillion possible variations. Traditionally only used for network interface cards, today's computers generally have several NIC addresses to help to identify many other parts of your system, including your Ethernet card, Bluetooth address, SCSI address, etc.

Will I be able to use the same license on my laptop computer and on the iPhone or iPad?

A serial number issued for Rhyme 5 or higher allows you to get up to three activation codes to run the program on different devices. Please note that an activation code is linked to a specific computer or iOS device. Since we are unable to verify if a computer or iOS device has been stolen or is no longer in working condition we cannot accommodate requests to transfer licenses. Should you desire to activate Rhyme Genie on more than three devices please take advantage of our offer to purchase additional serial numbers for $7.95 each. With a newly purchased serial number you will be able to request three more activation codes. This licensing structure has not only allowed us to provide all of our users with major free updates since Rhyme Genie 1.0 but also makes the initial purchasing costs of our software a much lower investment than the software products offered by our competitors.

My old activation code can unlock Rhyme Genie 1-4 but cannot be used to activate Rhyme Genie 5 or higher. Will I be able to get a new activation code with my old serial number?

An old unused serial number that was purchased for the activation of Rhyme Genie 1-4 remains valid for one (1) activation on any computer or iOS device. Furthermore, if Rhyme Genie 1-4 is currently running on a particular computer fully unlocked you may also request a new activation code for Rhyme Genie 5 or higher free of charge. Simply execute a new license request with your old serial number. Once we have verified your eligibility we will issue one (1) new activation code that will allow you to run Rhyme Genie 5 or higher on the same computer. If your current activation code does not work anymore and you do not have an unused old serial number, please take advantage of our offer to purchase a new serial number for $7.95. Unlike the old serial number a newly purchased serial number will allow you to request up to three (3) activation codes to run the program on different devices.

Do you issue volume licenses?

As a registered user you can enjoy a considerable discount after your initial purchase of Rhyme Genie by simply purchasing additional activation codes. However, there is no simpler activation procedure for volume purchases so be prepared to brew a hot cup of coffee if you wish to install the software on a large amount of hosts.


Rhyme Genie 7.0 includes the following improvements.

Support for gliding vowel sounds has been added:

Search words with gliding vowel sounds that can either be pronounced as one or two syllables (e.g. fire, wired, cruel) will now display a number in the far right of the search box. Clicking on the number will change the phonetic interpretation of the search word and show rhyme mates that match the alternative pronunciation.

The rhyming references have been improved:

More than 45,000 phonetic references have been optimized with an emphasis on intelligent rhyme, consonance, pararhyme and rich rhyme. The rhyming dictionary has been expanded with over 3350 new entries including the latest top 40 hit song titles. The syllable-matching thesaurus has been expanded with more than 2400 new entries.

The graphic interface has been optimized:

The Mac version of Rhyme Genie now memorizes the last used screen size and position upon exiting and is fully compatible with OS X 10.10 (Yosemite).

Rhyme Genie 6.0 includes the following improvements.

The rhyming dictionary has been optimized:

More than 34,000 phonetic references have been refined and a number of erroneous entries have been corrected.

The wordfilter has been expanded:

Over 61,000 entries have been newly classified to allow you to limit rhyme mates to words and phrases with positive or negative connotations.

The graphic interface has been optimized:

The overall performance of Rhyme Genie has been improved. PC users will benefit from full compatibility with Windows 8.1 while Mac users will benefit from full compatibility with OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).

Rhyme Genie 5.0 includes the following improvements.

A new activation code allows for more flexibility:

Rhyme Genie 5 can be run from any external hard drive or flash drive. The new activation code continues to work even after the main hard drive of the computer has been changed. All serial numbers issued prior to Rhyme Genie 5 remain valid. Previously issued activation codes can be upgraded free of charge provided they are still valid on your particular computer system. If a previously issued activation code is not valid anymore, please take advantage of our offer to purchase a new serial number for $7.95. Unlike the old serial number a newly purchased serial number will allow you to request up to three (3) activation codes to run the program on different devices.

iPhone and iPad users can now run Rhyme Genie on their mobile devices:

The iOS version of Rhyme Genie is an exact clone of the desktop version, albeit without the demo mode. To achieve comparable performance you will have to run Rhyme Genie on an iPhone 5, an iPad 4 or an iPad Mini. Rhyme Genie will run on older models at slower speeds. However, earlier iPhone models are not recommended since Rhyme Genie's graphic interface has been optimized for the larger screen size of the iPhone 5.

Rhyme Genie's interface has been refined:

The graphic user interface has been updated to take advantage of Apple's new high resolution Retina Display and allows improved rendering on Windows PCs.

Lists of rhyme mates are now scrollable when you simply hover over the desired rhyme portal and slide your fingers over the computer's trackpad. The existing slider has been updated to indicate the length of each rhyme mate list in addition to showing your current position.

Rhyme mates can be displayed in a variety of font types and sizes. A redesigned minimized window allows for precise control of the number of syllables displayed in its rhyme portal while the tab key can now be used to quickly jump into the search field to look up words.

The rhyming dictionary has been expanded:

More than 15,000 new entries have been added to the rhyming dictionary including over 5000 traditional proverbs and major country hit songs of the last 50 years. The total number of entries now exceeds 327,000 while the phonetic references have grown to ten and a half million.

The syllable-matching thesaurus has been expanded:

Over 110,000 new entries have been added to the syllable-matching thesaurus. Syllable-matching synonyms can now be looked up whenever the traditional thesaurus is selected.

Rhyme Genie 4.0.2 includes the following improvements.

The installation on OS X has been simplified with a drag-and-drop installer.

The code signature of Rhyme Genie has been updated to ensure compatibility with OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and Gatekeeper.

Rhyme Genie 4.0 includes the following improvements.

Rhyme Genie has been fully integrated into Idolumic's new free songwriting software 'TuneSmith':

With an advanced lyrics editor, a comprehensive copyright tracker and a versatile pitch journal, TuneSmith is an invaluable songwriting companion that allows artists to create and manage their songs with greater ease.

Over 20,000 new names of artists have been added to the existing song titles of hit songs:

You can now look up multiple artists per song title. Click on a song title more than once while pressing the option/alt key to reveal any additional names of artists and get an overview of how many times a song title has entered the charts.

Rhyme Genie 3.3 includes the following improvements.

A number of existing features have been optimized:

Mac users will benefit from full compatibility with Mac OS ® X 10.7 (Lion) while PC users will enjoy an improved performance on Windows ® XP and above. The functionality of the clipboard has been updated and a major bug has been fixed that could cause Rhyme Genie to freeze.

Rhyme Genie 3.0 includes the following improvements.

A unique thesaurus with syllable-matching synonyms has been added:

Whenever you see a blue plus sign inside the magnifying glass you can access a new thesaurus with over 420,000 synonyms. Clicking on the plus sign will reveal a list of words that are not only related to the search word but also share the same number of syllables. Click on any entry from the list to replace the current search word or hide the list again by clicking on Rhyme Genie's background.

The existing dictionary and thesaurus have been redesigned:

You can now see more synonyms at a glance with a refined thesaurus that groups synonyms of equal word length. Quickly look up definitions in the dictionary & thesaurus by holding the control key and alt/option key while clicking on any rhymes. Jump back to the previously selected rhyme by clicking on the arrow inside the right corner of the dictionary’s search field. You may choose to highlight all entries defined in the dictionary in the setup screen.

The user interface has been refined:

You can now navigate with greater ease with new pop-up menus. Easily replace the current search word with any dictionary entry by clicking on the entry while holding the control key. Microsoft Windows users will benefit from flicker-free screen redraws and improved boot-up time.


Rhyme Genie 2.0 includes the following improvements.

The rhyming capabilities of the intelligent rhyme have been dramatically enhanced:

By distinguishing between primary and secondary stress in words Rhyme Genie's intelligent rhyme now finds more near rhymes with greater accuracy.

A special Songwriter Dictionary has been added:

Compiled from more than 100 million words in over 600,000 song lyrics the new Songwriter Dictionary allows you to focus exclusively on words typically used in lyrics.

The number of parts of speech has been increased to 130,000:

With 30 percent more references the wordfilter now offers more than 84,000 nouns, 18,000 adjectives, 23,000 verbs and 5,000 adverbs.

The rhyming dictionary has been expanded:

- Added: 7400 new rhyming dictionary entries
- Corrected: a few erroneous entries
- Reclassified: all entries of the Basic Dictionary

The user interface has been improved:

- Corrected: a few minor interface glitches
- Revised: a number of visual interface elements

Rhyme Genie 1.3 includes the following improvements.

A new wordfilter with over 100,000 parts of speech has been added:

To allow for more precise searches you can now activate a filter that will hide all entries that do not belong to a selected category. Selectable categories include nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

An index for all abbreviations of the Webster's dictionary has been created:

When using the dictionary you can now look up the meaning of any abbreviation in a dedicated drop down menu. Jump to a certain definition by typing the first letter(s) of its abbreviation while the menu is selected.

The user interface has been redesigned for improved performance; customization options have been added:

You are now able to change the look of the rhyming dictionary with several different backgrounds; you can also choose to display all text on white background for better readability. All graphic elements have been optimized to achieve a much faster response time.

A few incorrect rhyme references have been fixed:

- Corrected: a few capitalization errors
- Changed: all phrases that did not interpret the symbol '&' as 'and' to include it in the total number of syllables

The rhyming dictionary has been expanded:

With over 4000 new additions the total number of entries is now 306,588.

Rhyme Genie 1.2 includes the following improvements.

The user interface has been made more intuitive:

All sliders of the individual rhyme mate list will now automatically revert to their top positions once a new search has been executed.
The contrast between the 'on' and 'off' position of several icons has been increased for better readability.

The license request under OS ® X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) has been simplified:

Users of the latest OS ® X that were unable to request a license for Rhyme Genie due to their network settings can now simply request a license via traditional email by holding the 'option' key while pressing the 'Request License' button. This will start Apple Mail and compose an email with all necessary information ready to be sent off with a single click.

Rhyme Genie 1.1 includes the following improvements.

Support for heteronyms has been added:

Heteronyms are words that have the same spelling but different meaning and pronunciation (e.g. "live for the day" and "live action" or "tear apart" and "tear drop"). A word that is recognized by the rhyming dictionary as a heteronym will display a number in the far right of the search box to indicate the current pronunciation selection. Clicking on the number will change the phonetic interpretation of the search word and show rhyme mates that match the new pronunciation.

Empty rhyme mate lists have been eliminated by optimizing the intelligent rhyme algorithm and redesigning the multi-syllabic function:

When the multi-syllabic option is off, its button will be gray and the intelligent rhyme will display final syllable rhymes and corresponding near rhymes that match in their last syllable.
When the multi-syllabic option is on, the button will illuminate and the intelligent rhyme will display rhyme mates that match two or more syllables whenever possible. A green light indicates that the displayed rhyme mates are indeed multi-syllabic perfect rhymes or corresponding near rhymes. A red light signifies that the search word does not rhyme with any other multi-syllabic word. In this case the rhyme mates will be either monosyllabic perfect rhymes or final syllable rhymes and their corresponding near rhymes, depending on the accent of the search word.

The handling of proper nouns has been improved:

You can now find rhyme mates for most proper nouns without capitalizing the search word. The exception is entries that have capitalized letters in any other position than the first, like acronyms (AOL), certain phrases (non-American) and certain last names (McDonald). This new feature is achieved through a character substitution formula that only examines the first letter of any given entry to preserve Rhyme Genie's speed.

The functionality of the clipboard has been expanded:

Words that are exported with the rhyming dictionary's clipboard can now be pasted into the program of your choice either in the order they were entered or in the order they are displayed in Rhyme Genie's main window.

One major bug has been fixed:

A glitch that produced incorrect rhyme mates for a number of words has been fixed. The glitch occurred during the initial look up of the search word and therefore affected all rhyme types. A few examples of the type of words that were affected by the bug are raw, saw, flow, laws, law, bow, how, etc.

Three minor bugs have been fixed:

A rare interface bug that displays the feminine or masculine symbol in every word field has been fixed. The issue could occur when moving the mouse over the similarity in sound bar while simultaneously clicking on the mouse button.

A decoding error that prevented the proper validation of certain serial numbers has been fixed.

Whenever the search word started with a vowel the rhyming dictionary could show entries that would by definition be repetitions instead of rhymes (e.g. a perfect rhyme search for 'all' would return 'after all, all in all, above all'). This issue has now been fixed.

All dictionary entries have been proofread:

- Capitalized: all entries that were not recognized as proper nouns
- Uncapitalized: words that were interpreted as names instead of nouns (faith, prince, grace etc.)
- Removed: entries with symbols instead of letters (*:?`)
- Changed: British spelling to American spelling whenever possible
- Capitalized: the first word of all phrases ending with an exclamation point or question mark
- Properly capitalized: all entries with preposition
- Properly formatted: all entries with special characters (déjà vu, tête-à-tête, español etc.)
- Omitted: all duplicate compound word entries that had the same meaning but different spelling (e.g. guard-rail, guard rail, guardrail) as well as the majority of nondescript acronyms (e.g. IIE, r-m)

Kindly suggest any improvements to Rhyme Genie or submit any further questions via email:
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